• Review research areas as part of a business development plan.
  • Develop business cases and investment plans.
  • Patent searches, patent landscaping and freedom-to-operate analyses.
  • Help and training in drafting of project applications.
  • Assist you with project management and reporting, including recurring monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and improvement during a project's lifetime.
  • Provide advice on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. 
  • Assist with biosafety regulations.
  • Provide assistance in the drafting of large international project applications.
  • Review project progress and reporting.


Ag RD&IP Consult P/L works in association with various consulting firms, thus being capable of providing a wide range of services, depending on the need. Clients may contract through any of the companies listed below, with the experts team assembled as required, such as to provide the best possible outcome for the client.

Principal Associate with the Colere Group

At the Colere Group, we work with clients to bridge the gap from strategic food, fibre and biotech science to commercial results. Our goal is to see profitable results emerge from R&D right across the sectors that we influence. Colere is a consulting business focused on building partnerships that bring the right capabilities to deliver client needs. We are proud to bring some of Australia’s key expertise together, and to work across the spectrum of innovation leaders. We bring a deep multi-disciplinary approach through our decades of experience. We ensure a balance of domain experience and analytical expertise is brought to each engagement to deliver client results. The Colere Group is here to enjoy what we do to serve our clients and deliver results. Delivering results in food, fibre and biotech is our passion – whether in microfinance, development, agribusiness, start-ups or public sector science.

Our group of experts brings to the table strong expertise in sales, marketing, portfolio management, business development, and R&D management based on

  • a broad experience across the life science, agricultural, and food production industries from technical, commercial and economic development leadership roles;
  • hands-on experience in bridging the gap between industry, government and research to negotiate projects and commercial deals, including the management of complex and difficult stakeholder relationships among inter alia companies, shareholders, governments, universities, CRCs and industry groups);
  • marketing, business development, innovation management, product development, project management, and change management;
  • corporate and scientific strategic planning including the writing of business plans, marketing penetration strategies and product development and launch strategies; and
  • strategic communication, stakeholder and customer management, networking, and relationship building.

Agtrans Research (Managing Director: Dr Peter Chudleigh)

Agtrans Research has been providing economic research and consulting services to both public and private sector clients in Australia and overseas since 1985. Agtrans specialises in primary production, processing and marketing, natural resource management, R&D planning and evaluation, investment analysis, and general applied economic analyses.

Agtrans Research has been involved in a range of economic and marketing studies undertaken under contract for various groups including farm organisations, research and development organisations, individual producers, investors, financial institutions, farm input suppliers, exporters, statutory organisations and government departments.

Agtrans Research provides analytical and policy research and consulting services are available in the fields of

  • R&D evaluation, Project feasibility (technical, economic, social)
  • R&D management and priority setting
  • Primary industry policy and strategic planning
  • Natural resource management and impact assessment

 groIQ (Managing Director: DrRichard Williams)

groIQ provides advice to the agricultural sector on research, operations, innovation and quality. Managing Director, Dr Richard Williams, started his professional career in 1992 and is now a respected leader in his field. 

groIQ brings to the table a wide-range of experience from across the entire Australian grain supply chain in: logistics and operations; research, market and data analysis; strategic planning; stakeholder management; and international customer relations.